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US-1002622-A: Arc-lamp. patent, US-1003083-A: Cableway. patent, US-1003493-A: Pulley-coupling. patent, US-1003780-A: Swinging cot. patent, US-10040-A: Improvement in compound blow-pipes for enlarging blasting-cavities patent, US-1004261-A: Railway-crossing. patent, US-1004714-A: Transmission-gearing. patent, US-1004864-A: Vulcanizing-press. patent, US-1005043-A: Truss. patent, US-1005738-A: Sand-mill. patent, US-1005856-A: Alternating-current electromagnet. patent, US-1005965-A: Vapor-burner. patent, US-1006869-A: Drinking-fountain. patent, US-1007824-A: Dental pliers for holding teeth. patent, US-1008023-A: Process of making printing-plates. patent, US-1008133-A: Horseshoe. patent, US-1008179-A: Rail-joint. patent, US-1008360-A: Hoisting apparatus. patent, US-1008644-A: Metallic piston-rod packing. patent, US-1009091-A: Sheet-delivery mechanism of printing and other machines. patent, US-1009281-A: Hat. patent, US-1012158-A: Postmarking-machine. patent, US-1012178-A: Music-record for use in automatic musical instruments. patent, US-1014002-A: Apparatus for wireless signaling. patent, US-1014108-A: Electric coupling. patent, US-1015294-A: Manifolding-pad. patent, US-1015321-A: Sound-conveying device for talking-machines. patent, US-1015576-A: Molding-machine. patent, US-1015866-A: Machine for finishing boots and shoes. patent, US-1016489-A: Ribbon-holder. patent, US-1016658-A: Controller for pneumatic motors. patent, US-1017057-A: Automatic piston-rod oiler. patent, US-1017524-A: Flush-tank. patent, US-1017952-A: Nap-raising machine for felt hats. patent, US-1018344-A: Harrow. patent, US-1018412-A: Fluid-actuated clutch. patent, US-1019169-A: Mechanism for raising and lowering shutters or curtains. patent, US-1019402-A: Alternating-current motor. patent, US-1020138-A: Adjustable heel for footwear. patent, US-1020325-A: Composition of matter. patent, US-1020615-A: Hose-coupling. patent, US-1020870-A: Airship. patent, US-1022796-A: Car-coupling. patent, US-1023112-A: Stock-ringer. patent, US-1023851-A: Contractor's torch. patent, US-1024389-A: Postage stamping and recording apparatus. patent, US-1025269-A: Telephone system. patent, US-102541-A: Wilson holt patent, US-1026272-A: Eyeglasses. patent, US-102649-A: Improvement in clapboard-gauge patent, US-1026685-A: Grain threshing and separating machine. patent, US-1028414-A: Power-generator. patent, US-1028997-A: Powdered-fuel-feeding apparatus. patent, US-1029038-A: Locomotive valve-gear. patent, US-1029769-A: Fire-escape. patent, US-1029921-A: Take-up for sewing-machines. patent, US-1030899-A: Tie and rail-fastener. patent, US-1031054-A: Apron. patent, US-103136-A: Improvement in harvesters patent, US-1031848-A: Electric signaling system. patent, US-1032194-A: Automatic gas-valve. patent, US-103224-A: Improvement in fluting-tongs patent, US-1032319-A: Coin-holder. patent, US-1032557-A: Cup. patent, US-1033647-A: Safety-receptacle. patent, US-1033691-A: Frame for kafir-corn headers. patent, US-1034382-A: Vehicle-wheel. patent, US-1034438-A: Spring-wheel. patent, US-1034742-A: Non-refillable bottle. patent, US-1035168-A: Amusement device. patent, US-1035241-A: Flushing water-closets. patent, US-1035982-A: Sand-reel for oil-well rigs. patent, US-1036607-A: Clothes-hanger. patent, US-1037062-A: Sanitary water-closet. patent, US-1037370-A: Process of drying and bleaching. patent, US-1038216-A: Vehicle running-gear. patent, US-1039321-A: Safety starting device for internal-combustion engines. patent, US-1039403-A: Cast-steel underframe for cars. patent, US-103955-A: Improvement in apparatus for cooling ale patent, US-1039748-A: Railway-tie and rail-fastening. patent, US-1040089-A: Automatic stabilizer for aeroplanes. patent, US-1040326-A: Clevis. patent, US-1040456-A: Basket-nailing machine. patent, US-1040521-A: Game apparatus. patent, US-1041045-A: Car-door-operating mechanism. patent, US-1041058-A: Method of making hot producer-gas. patent, US-1041559-A: Type-writing-machine ribbon feeding and operating mechanism. patent, US-1041738-A: Collapsible display device. patent, US-1044078-A: Clamping and squaring machine. patent, US-104429-A: Improved sled-brake patent, US-1044536-A: Caloric engine. patent, US-1044918-A: Metallic railway-tie. patent, US-1045114-A: Water-tube boiler. patent, US-1045368-A: Floor-polisher or the like. patent, US-1045386-A: Valve. patent, US-1045833-A: Slack-adjuster. patent, US-1046115-A: Centrifugal pump. patent, US-1048460-A: Die. patent, US-1048958-A: Protective casing for pneumatic tires. patent, US-1049296-A: Electric switch. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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